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Road Map Project Goals

The Road Map Project goals are:

By 2020, we will increase equitable policies and practices in our education systems and dramatically improve outcomes for children and youth, from cradle through college and career; so that:

By 2030, we will eliminate the opportunity and achievement gaps impacting children of color and low-income children in South King County and South Seattle, and 70% of youth in the region will earn a college degree or career credential.

Who should be involved? All of us – a collective impact approach

Leaders and stakeholders from many sectors are involved in the Road Map Project. No one organization or person working alone can achieve great results at the scale we need. We must work together as never before, all in pursuit of a common agenda. Parents, schools and the community all have important roles to play in achieving our ambitious yet achievable goal.

What is our objective? Dramatic improvement in education achievement

Education results for kids growing up in South King County and South Seattle are unacceptable. If we aim only for small annual gains we won’t achieve our goal – now is the time for bold moves.

What part of the education system is involved? All of it – from cradle through college and career

We must do a great job supporting students all the way along, from birth and early learning, through K-12 and on to achieving a college degree or career credential. Each stage of a child’s development is important – there is no shortcut to student success.

The focus: South King County and South Seattle

The Road Map Project is committed to supporting King County’s areas of highest need. The Road Map Project region is home to:

  • 73% of King County’s low-income students
  • 69% of King County’s English language learner (ELL) students
  • 58% of King County’s students of color

Like many metropolitan areas, the Road Map Project region is experiencing the suburbanization of poverty and new regional responses are needed.

Can we really make a difference? Great progress is possible

It is happening every day all over our region. Our job is to find the great work and help scale it up so that it spreads throughout the Road Map Project region.

Student Engagement and Motivation: This data provides unique insights into the ways students perceive themselves and their learning environments.