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Our Region’s Top 20 CTE Pathways

Strong career and technical education (CTE) programs that are based on industry, academic and career- and college-ready standards are an important curricular offering at Road Map Project region high schools. A CTE program of study is a three-course career prep sequence that often leads to a career credential pathway or a certificate program. By combining technical and academic skills, CTE programs can provide valuable hands-on experience to students.

The region’s top 20 CTE program pathways (and number of 2013 high school graduates who completed the programs) are:

Visual Arts, 404
Professional Support Services, 200
Therapeutic Services, 150
Merchandising, 117
Restaurant and Food/Beverage Services, 116
Marketing Management, 115
Science and Mathematics, 108
Facility and Mobile Equipment Maintenance, 98
Production, 92
Family & Community Services, 89
Programming and Software Development, 68
Engineering and Technology, 62
Information Support and Services, 61
Maintenance, Installation and Repair, 56
General Management, 50
Design/Pre-Construction, 46
Support Services, 45
Journalism and Broadcasting, 38
Audio and Video Technology and Film, 34
Health Informatics, 33

SOURCE: OSPI student-level database (pulled November 2013)
NOTE: Includes completion of approved CTE programs in the senior year only. Seattle and Tukwila are not included.

167 different primary languages are spoken in the Road Map region.

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Top CTE Pathways: Let's take a look at the top 20 career and technical education (CTE) programs offered at Road Map Project region high schools.