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Youth Development for Education Results Work Group

The Youth Development for Education Results Work Group is focused on increasing the clarity of Road Map Project indicators, measurement, data collection and strategies where community-based youth development organizations play a vital and integral role. Youth Development Executives of King County (YDEKC) is the convener for this work and seeks to involve, learn from and influence other key partners around King County working on the overlaps between youth development and education results.

Student Motivation and Engagement: The work in 2011-12 focused on defining and measuring the Road Map Project indicators of “% of students motivated and engaged to succeed in school” and “% of students demonstrating 21st century skills.” Partnering with the Center for Educational Effectiveness, a Student Motivation and Engagement Survey was piloted in Renton, with nearly 6,000 responses from students in 5th through 12th grades. The pilot was expanded to additional Road Map Project districts in 2013. The work group will also be continuing to define and measure additional “non-academic” skills and dispositions that impact youth success within schools and within community-based organizations.

Exploring data sharing and data systems: Work is focused on supporting improved data sharing between schools and community-based organizations, and exploring the potential for a shared data system across youth development organizations.


Look for a revised membership list in fall 2014.