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Data Advisors Group

The Data Advisors Group, comprised of educational data experts from around the region, provides data support to the other work groups, as well as to the Road Map Project in general. Examples of issues the group has addressed include identifying and defining indicators, setting targets and determining how to measure the achievement gap.


  • Sarita Siqueiros Thornburg (Chair), Puget Sound Educational Service District
  • Dr. Eric Anderson, Seattle Public Schools
  • Dr. Duane Baker, The BERC Group
  • Erin Lawrence Cook, City Year
  • Dave Davis, Federal Way Public Schools
  • Fia Eliasson-Creek, Green River Community College
  • Linda Elman, Tukwila School District
  • Dr. JoAnne Fabian, Tukwila School District
  • Dr. Candace Gratama, The BERC Group
  • Dr. Betheny Gross, Center on Reinventing Public Education
  • Matt Harris, Puget Sound Educational Service District
  • Robin Harwick, Treehouse
  • Dave Larson, Tukwila School Board
  • Deleena Patton, Seattle University Youth Initiative
  • Alessandra Pollock, CCER
  • Dr. Paméla Raya-Carlton, Puget Sound Educational Service District
  • DeSean Rodgers, CCER
  • Sid Sidorowitz, City of Seattle
  • Dr. Alan Spicciati, Highline School District
  • Sarah Terry, Youth Development Executives of King County
  • Ken Thompson, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Dr. John Vaille, Puget Sound Educational Service District
  • Jake Vela, League of Education Voters
  • William Wynn, CCER




OSPI now requires districts to report courses using shared course names. Prior to this policy there were 115 different names used for Spanish classes by Road Map school districts, now there are 13 — making data crunching much easier!

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