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Advocates Caucus

The purpose of the Advocates Caucus is to leverage relationships with institutional allies to educate and advocate for policies, resources and practices that can strengthen the political will to pass, implement and sustain effective long-term solutions that are aligned to the overall goal of the Road Map Project.

The Advocates Caucus meets regularly and aims to build the capacity of its members and allies through technical support and training opportunities.

The Advocates Caucus is responsible for monitoring the Road Map Project’s Advocacy Agenda. Click here to view the most up-to-date version of this agenda.


Rich Stolz (Co-chair), OneAmerica
Tony Lee (Co-chair), Solid Ground; Equity in Education Coalition
Katherine Barr, All Fives in Five (Southeast Seattle Education Coalition)
Anne Lee, Team Child
Anthony Shoecraft, Community Center for Education Results
Carlina Brown-Banks, Community Center for Education Results
David Daw, South King Council of Human Services
Karen Pillar, Team Child
Kelly Munn, League of Education Voters
Lynne Tucker, School’s Out Washington
Roxana Norouzi, OneAmerica
Sharonne Navas, Equity in Education Coalition
Trise Moore, Federal Way Public Schools